Magicyoyo-D3 Dawn



The Magicyoyo D3 Dawn is the most affordable and dependable tug responsive “imperial shaped” ball bearing yo-yo available for learning classic “2A/looping” and picture style tricks at a budget friendly price! we have it in 15 different colors! Constructed of a super tough ABS plastic that is ready to take a serious beating, they are durable reliable and come in a wide variety of color options that can be “mix-and-matched” or “half-swapped” to create rare and unique unseen color combinations unavailable anywhere else! 2A/looping yo-yo’s have a long history of being “half-swapped” with a different color for each half so it makes it easier to detect if your Yo-Yo is actually flipping over like it should when you perform looping tricks! so use your imagination and customize your own personal set of of Magicyoyo D3 Dawns Today!

The D3 Dawn is not intended to be used for technical string tricks as seen in the styles of: 1A, 3A, 4A/off-string, or 5A “freehand/counterweight”. This is your classic high-performance looping yo-yo reimagined and reengineered with a ball bearing for longer spin times and better performance! This is not your granddads yo-yo, this is the future of classic “2A/looping style tug responsive yo-yoing!

I had my manufacture include 5 random color HANDWASHABLE strings “to replace when broken, dirty, frayed or damaged!”


Weight: 52.78g

Diameter: 58.88mm

Width: 35.90mm

Gap Width: 2mm


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