Magicyoyo-K2 Crystal+



The K2 Crystal+ by Magicyoyo is an extremely budget friendly polycarbonate “MASTERPIECE”, This is my most popular and most frequently recommended product for beginners and advanced players alike. It comes in a wide variety of eye-popping and attention grabbing colors! Feel free to buy a couple different colors so you can mix-and-match the half’s to create unique and eye-catching rare color combinations unavailable anywhere else!

The K2 Crystal+ is a professional quality, injection molded, butterfly shaped yo-yo that comes in 17 beautiful colors and color combinations. It is made of a super durable polycarbonate plastic that laughs off abuse and welcomes a beating . it features an advanced “EASY SWAP’ ball bearing and axle system. This allows this particular model to be played as either a traditional tug responsive model for beginners, or as a super long spinning advanced unresponsive yo-yo that will require a trick called a “BIND” to get it to come back to your hand.

I had my manufacturers throw in a really nice “FREE ACCESSORIES” package to keep you and your yo-yo operating it’s very best and keeping you organized for the long haul!

Each and every Magicyoyo K2 Crystal+ comes FULLY LOADED with everything you will need to get started and keep playing for the long haul!

  1. Protective draw string velvet bag “so you can store your yo-yo and all its accessories safely without any damage or dust collecting”
  2. Five random color HANDWASHABLE 100% polyester strings “for when they get knotted, frayed, dirty or just need to be replaced!
  3. Keychain friendly, ball-bearing removal tool “For getting stuck bearings out easily and safely without any damage to your new yo-yo”
  4. Tug Responsive “thin ball bearing” and axle system for beginners.
  5. Unresponsive ultra-long spinning “concaved self-centering bearing”

In short, this high quality yo-yo starter kit has earned my “BATTLE TESTED, SEAL OF APPROVAL”. it’s perfect for learning and mastering “1A, 3A and 5A “Freehand/Counterweight” styles of yo-yo play! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced players alike are sure to fall in love with the versatility, value and durability this model offers! I wish I had access to a product of this caliber when i first started. It is truly capable of anything that you can throw at it! the sky is the limit with the Magicyoyo K2 Crystal+

Product Specs:

Weight: 64g

Diameter: 55.33mm

Width: 42.67mm

Responsive Bearing Size “6.35 X 9.525 X 3.175mm”

Unresponsive Bearing Size “6.35 X 12.7 X 4.76mm”




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