Magicyoyo- T1 Captain



The Magicyoyo T1 Captain has become famous around the world for being one of the very best budget friendly options for high performance, beginner to professional “OFFSTRING/4A” Style Yo-Yoing. This is the model i recommend to anyone looking to get into this amazing Style of Yo-Yoing

The Ultra-Durable, Budget friendly T1 Captain is constructed of a super-strong POM plastic, and it’s ready to take on years being dropped, rolling off into the distance and being generally battered around due to missed string catches and failed tricks. T1 Captain is incredibly light and floaty for an off-string model making it very agile and quick to respond! It’s extra wide with a perfect gap width to make for easy catches and a dependable reliable return to the hand when its running out of spin time and it’s time for your next throw! Comes with a long spinning bearing so you can conquer your most risky gravity & physics defying off-string tricks and combinations! Due to its low cost, extreme durability and high performance. The Magicyoyo T1 Captain is the perfect off-string yo-yo to get you started, it’s also ready to take on stage at a professional level competition right out of the package!

I had my manufacturer throw in a “Free Gift Package” to keep your new yo-yo both looking and working at its best! each and Every Magicyoyo T1 Captain comes “FULLY LOADED” with:

1. 5 pack of random colored HANDWASHABLE 100% polyester yo-yo strings “for when they get dirty, knotted or frayed”

2. Protective velvet drawstring bag “to keep your yo-yo and all accessories organized and protected”

3. An extra set of bearing spacers “incase the spacers in the bearing seat get misplaced or lost”


Weight: 81.5g

Diameter: 58.8mm

Width: 78.9mm

Gap Width: 2.52


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