Magicyoyo- T5 overlord



The T5 Overlord from Magicyoyo is an incredible value for an CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum yo-yo that comes in 8 breathtaking colors to choose from. this is a ” pocket friendly, slim-line butterfly shaped” yo-yo and the most narrow of all the “1A/3A/5A” friendly styles of aluminum yo-yo’s that we sell here at the Skill Toy Emporium. This incredibly advanced and precision machined yo-yo features long smooth spins and plenty of power to tackle any of your most advanced and technical unresponsive tricks, it’s also a great price for a very tough and dependable EDC! Due to it being more narrow than the other string trick/1A models we carry it will be more challenging to land the yo-yo on the string vs. something wider, practicing with a smaller and thinner yo-yo will force you to be more precise and you will be able to hit your tricks much more consistently! It’s fast, It’s agile, and beautiful to see in your hand or spinning at the end of the string! The T5 Overlord is perfect for someone just getting into advanced “unresponsive yo-yoing” but it’s also ready to take the stage and wow a crowd! You will have to learn a trick called the “Bind” to get this to return to your hand! it is not tug responsive! Feel free to purchase multiple colors so you can do a “half-swap” and create your own rare and unique color combinations unavailable anywhere else!

The T5 Overlord Comes with:

  1. 5 HANDWASHABLE 100% polyester yo-yo strings “for when your string get broke, knotted, dirty, or frayed”
  2. Drawstring velvet bag “for keeping your yo-yo and all its accessories safe, clean and organized”


Weight: 67.8g

Diameter: 54mm

Width: 40mm

Gap Width: 4.72mm


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