Magicyoyo Triple bearing Diabolo



“The Diabolo is a famous circus and juggling prop of oriental origin that has been used for centuries. A diabolo is not a yo-yo and is used entirely different! However they share a lot of similarities and concepts! Learning how to use the diabolo is a whole lot of fun and great exercise! The Diabolo has been enjoyed for Centuries by thousands of people from around the world!”

The Magicyoyo MD01 diabolo is my weapon of choice and and the best model available for learning and mastering this amazing art form. This is a professional quality full-sized long spinning ball-bearing model. It comes in 5 bright and easy to see colors at a very reasonable price! In each Diabolo kit you will receive everything you need to get up and spinning right away! This Diabolo features a PREMIUM triple bearing design with durable and scratch-resistant TPE plastic cup construction, ensuring that it can handle repeated drops from even the highest of throws. The weight distribution has been optimized to spin true at all speeds. The triple bearing design helps it pick up speed quickly and stay spinning for very long periods of time! This model is a greatly enhanced version of the fixed-axle diabolos of the past, they are easier to learn than ever!

Your new Diabolo comes “FULLY LOADED with:

  1. 1 Magicyoyo MD01 triple bearing diabolo!
  2. Two sets of hand sticks
  3. extra diabolo string
  4. a mesh carrying bag “this will fit 3 diabolos and all necessary accessories”


Weight: 257g

Diameter: 5.12in

Width: 5.91in

Axle system: long spinning triple bearing



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