Magicyoyo- V8



The Magicyoyo V8 is an absolutely stunning design, a CNC machined “MASTERPIECE.” Lovingly cut into 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. It comes in a variety of dazzling colors “4 to choose from” and it comes with the extremely popular “EASY SWAP” bearing and axle system “as seen in the Magicyoyo K2 Crystal+.” This allows the V8 yo-yo to function as either a classic “tug responsive” yo-yo with the included thin bearing/axle kit installed or the included advanced totally unresponsive kit with the PREMIUM “Concave/String centering bearing and axle system”. To get it to return to your hand with the thicker unresponsive bearing and axle installed you will have to perform a trick called the “Bind.” The versatility and price of this premium ball bearing yo-yo makes it such an amazing deal! perfect for high level 1A/string tricks,3A, 5A/Freehand yo-yo tricks! This yo-yo is extremely powerful due to its flawless weight distribution. it’s capable of well over 1 minute spin times making it possible to fire out your longest, most technical, and difficult tricks and combos. From a total beginner to a seasoned professional or competitor who is ready to take the stage this mono-metal design is astonishing in terms of playability! there isn’t a string trick that this yo-yo can not handle! It’s nice and wide insuring easier string hits and catches with a nice wide gap, and low sidewalls for minimal friction from the string!

The V8 is a phenomenal deal for the true high-performance, professional-quality, power-house that is the Magicyoyo V8, it boasts long silky smooth spins due to its aerodynamic design and premium bearing package! it boasts a slippery colored anodized finish that make it perfect for amazing “Grind Style” Tricks and just generally catching the eye! Treat yourself to a true luxury mono-metal yo-yo! its’ a joy to throw every time! pick one up and add it to your collection today! you will not regret it, I assure you!

Every V8 at the Skill Toy Emporium comes with a “FREE GIFT PACKAGE” that consists of:

1. 5  HANDWASHABLE random color 100% polyester yo-yo string “when strings get, broken, knotted, frayed or just need to be replaced”

2. Responsive Bearing and Axle kit

3. Unresponsive PREMIUM “concave/string centering bearing upgrade kit

4. Bearing Removal tool “for getting stubborn bearings that don’t want to let you take them out of the bearing seat without damage!”

5. Protective velvet drawstring bag “for protecting your new yo-yo and keeping accessories safe, clean and organized”



Diameter: 55mm

Width: 44mm

Gap Width: 4.6mm


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