Magicyoyo- YO3 HERTZ



The Magicyoyo YO3 Hertz is a highly advanced CNC machined unresponsive 6061 aircraft grade aluminum yo-yo that comes in 5 beautiful colors! It’s the perfect size, weight, and price point for anyone trying to push themselves to step up to the fascinating world of unresponsive yo-yoing but its also yo-yo competition ready directly out of the package, This yo-yo is very wide with a large gap between both halves and the PREMIUM bearing, making for easy landing for tricks and smooth catches on the string, The YO3 Hertz features long spinning ball-bearings that can generate well over 1 minute of spin time on a single good throw. So it has more than enough spin time to power through your longest and most difficult tricks and combinations. For its incredibly low asking price, this yo-yo outperforms the vast majority of 6061 yo-yo’s from other well known yo-yo manufacturers, all at a fraction of the cost you would spend with any other manufacturer! This is a true pro-player’s yo-yo and due to its ultra-low price point, It’s an EDC worthy companion that is affordable to carry around with you everywhere you go! Magicyoyo really nailed it with the Y03 Hertz and it has earned my “BATTLE-TESTED SEAL OF APPROVAL” for the price it cant be beat on it’s performance and value! Feel free to get multiple’s of this model and “Half-Swap” them to create rare and unique color combinations unavailable anywhere else! The YO3 Hertz is absolutely amazing for: “1A, 3A, 5A/freehand/counterweight style tricks.”

I reached out to my manufacturer to include a really nice “FREE GIFT” package that includes everything you will need to keep your shiny new yo-yo in peak performing condition, Every YO3 Hertz comes “FULLY LOADED” with:

1. 5 HANDWASHABLE 100% polyester yo-yo strings “in case your strings get broken, dirty, knotted, frayed, or just need to be replaced”

2. Protective Drawstring Velvet Bag “to keep your beautiful new yo-yo clean and safe from damage and in top running condition”


Weight: 63.5g

Diameter: 56mm

Width: 44.5mm

Gap Width: 4.5mm


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